CPL Tournament 2020

CPL Tournament 2020
CPL Tournament 2020

The CPL 2020 tournament gives you three wickets and a swing to hit the ball. Depending on your angle and force, the ball will fly high or low. The screen will show you the score if you hit the spot. If the stick falls behind you, it's considered a failure.The top spot is the highest; try to hit that spot as much as possible. If you don't hit the ball but the stick doesn't fall, you can still continue playing. 

Modes and ways to play

CPL Tournament 2020 has two modes: Single Match and Cup Series. Cup Series mode is different from Single Match. The Cup Series compiles the achievements of many famous players. If you want to achieve the same achievements as any of them, click to choose. CPL Tournament 2020 will display the goal you need to achieve on the screen. How can you best achieve it?

How to play

Tap anywhere on the screen to hit the ball.

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