Mini Golf Saga

Mini Golf Saga
Mini Golf Saga
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Play Mini Golf Saga and show off your mastery of alignment with endlessly thrilling sports gameplay experiences. Are you a golf enthusiast but can't realize your dream because of its expensive cost? Then step into the gaming world to have your own entertainment with this cool sport. 

Mini Golf Saga promises to offer rounds that are both interesting and extremely difficult. To solve the puzzle in each level, players need to use precise direction skills and ball power. Your task is to guide the ball into the hole at the red flag check. Each level and field will have a unique design with obstacles and tricky terrain. Be careful in each turn because you will only have a limited number of turns. Don't forget to collect coins to unlock other great features.

Drag the Power and Hit the Ball

You use the mouse button to adjust the direction and force of the ball. Your score will depend on the number of shots it takes for the ball to land in the hole. If you cannot finish with the limited number of balls, the game will start again.

To Get the Hole-in-One

  • Memorize the terrain and determine the location of the shapes that appear on the field.
  • It is not necessary to collect every coin.
  • Watch a short ad to get more balls in a level.
  • Diverse strategies to get used to the ball's movement characteristics with different momentum forces.

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