Fast Tennis

Fast Tennis
Fast Tennis
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Fast Tennis is a sports game that requires flexible and intelligent improvisation skills. You will play as a tennis player with your super racket. Dramatic matches in every shot are waiting for you to discover and master. Every move in this game is an opportunity to find a goal or lead to failure. Your CPU opponent is extremely talented and agile. Therefore, even a few small mistakes can cause you to regretfully lose.

A Guide to Play

  • Drag the racket to hit the ball: Use the mouse or finger to drag and control the racket to catch and hit the ball accurately.
  • Ball speed: You can manage the speed of the ball by adjusting the hitting force. A shot from deep behind will make the ball go faster or move the racket closer to the net so the ball moves slower.
  • Add spin to the ball: To create shots with unique spin, pull the racket sideways after hitting the ball. This will cause the ball to fly on an unpredictable trajectory, making it difficult for the opponent to block.
  • Race to 10 points: The match will end when one player reaches 10 points first. Use your skills and strategies to score points and win.

Control the Racket

You just need to use simple mouse buttons to maneuver the racket in Fast Tennis. Paying attention to power alignment and ball angle is the key to every effective attack. Don't be afraid to take the time to get acquainted and improve.

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