Penalty Kick Target

Penalty Kick Target
Penalty Kick Target
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Ruler of Penalty Kick Target

Penalty Kick Target instructions for those who do not know how to shoot penalties. According to the correct order, there will be a goalkeeper at the goal to block, but instead there is a shield. It is placed in a fixed position. Adjust the direction of the ball so that it hits the shield to score points. The farther the distance, the more points you get. If you hit, the shield will disappear, and it will change position gradually farther away. If you miss, your ball is lost. There are five balls in total, corresponding to five shots. Try not to lose the ball.

Penalty Kick Target has simple gameplay but requires you to concentrate highly and shoot the ball accurately to get points. The game is designed by a game manufacturer for children. So the drawings are very childish and colorful, attracting your curiosity. For those who are passionate about soccer, you can try this game to practice how to kick the ball better. Hurry and try this interesting game.

How to play

Click on the ball to show the arrow. Adjust it so that it hits the shield.

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