Women Football Penalty Champions

Women Football Penalty Champions
Women Football Penalty Champions

How to play Women Football Penalty Champions

In Women Football Penalty Champions, your team competes against other teams in a penalty shootout to win. The two teams take turns competing. You need to choose a shot direction that the goalkeeper cannot catch. The game has three corners you can kick. It appears in the goal. The red position means there is a possibility that the goalkeeper can block it. If you want to hit the kick, align in the blue position. The aiming bar will continuously move. Pay attention to the moment when you are in the exact position you want to shoot. Both teams had five shots. Whichever side has more balls entering the goal wins. Overcome all teams to win.

You appreciate the game more when it has details

Enjoy dynamic background music that heightens the excitement of the game, along with sharp 2D graphics that bring the penalty shootout experience to life. Can you completely fool the goalkeeper and win the game for your team? Play Women Football Penalty Champions now to get the answer.

Take your shot

When the ball is just where you want it to be, click the goal.

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