Ben 10 Soccer Penalties

Ben 10 Soccer Penalties
Ben 10 Soccer Penalties
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Rules of Ben 10 Soccer Penalties

Ben 10 Soccer Penalties only allow you to kick penalties. The two sides took turns kicking. It is necessary to distract the goalkeeper with skillful passes. They will not be able to guess and catch the ball. Each turn has the same time. You need to score quickly to win against opponents. Your time is up, and it's time for you to change into a goalkeeper to protect your goal. You can see the ball's path clearly. Guess correctly and block the ball from going through the net.

Protect the goal; don't let your opponent score too many points. Otherwise, you will lose that game. If you win, the next team will enter the field to play against you. Opponents on the field are always ready. The last team you have, the better your blocking skills will be. You must be very focused. Don't concede too many goals. There are five different characters for you to choose from. Choose who you like the most and compete well. Let's defeat all our opponents.

How to win

  • As the kicker: click on the ball and flick it towards where you want to fool the goalkeeper.
  • As a goalkeeper: click on the character and swipe towards the ball to protect the goal.

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