Head Soccer 2024

Head Soccer 2024
Head Soccer 2024

How to play Head Soccer 2024?

Head Soccer 2024 does not need too many players on the field; choose the two best players to compete. It was a penalty shootout, with both sides evenly matched. During the allotted time, the players must kick as many shots into the opponent's goal as possible. With simple skills such as jumping on kicks, making long shots, and blocking the ball, you can create tough matches. Every time the ball is kicked into the goal, time stops. It will continue until the players are ready. When the clock runs out, whoever scores more points will win.

Creating character designs is very interesting. Just the head, the team shirt, and underneath are the shoes. It brings a sense of humor to players. There are two modes for you to choose from: single-player and two-players. You get to choose which team will play. Besides, the really exciting sound in the stands will increase your motivation to play better.

The game does not require strategy, so all ages can play it easily. The whole world is immersed in the Euro season, so why haven't you tried this game yet? Come play and see how hot it is.

How to score

             - Player 1 use the A, W, D, and S keys to move. Use the V and B keys to shoot.

             - Player 2 use arrow keys to move. Use the K and L keys to shoot.

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