Epic Basketball

Epic Basketball
Epic Basketball

How to play Epic Basketball?

Epic Basketball helps you practice throwing from all angles. You just need to stand still. Adjust the force and flight direction of the ball, and make that throw to score points. If you hit the basket, the ball will move away. It can be farther or closer than where you are standing. Each time you play, there will be a certain amount of time. Try to throw as many balls as possible. Calculate the correct throwing angle.

Epic Basketball is set in the context of you practicing on the street. Sometimes there will be people running to either side, making it impossible for you to concentrate. That causes you to score fewer points. Many other characters are waiting for the store to open. Sometimes I get irritated because the ball doesn't go into the hole. Very funny! To get it, you need to achieve the points associated with that character. If the goal cannot be completed, you want to keep playing. How many characters will you unlock? Come play to know the answer.


Click and hold while adjusting the direction of the ball throw. Choose the correct direction and release.

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