Sports Bike Challenge

Sports Bike Challenge
Sports Bike Challenge

Are you wondering what Sports Bike Challenge is?

Sports Bike Challenge puts you in the role of a great racer, driving a motorcycle to overcome obstacles to collect as much gold as possible. You must skillfully control the vehicle's speed if you don't want to fall into a pit with an exploding bomb barrel. Collect as many gold coins in the race as possible, because once you have 500 gold, you can revive and continue racing.

Complete the previous level to unlock the next level. This is not easy, but I believe that with your passion, you will complete every level. While driving, you can also hear life-like sounds. The game has a somewhat absurd element in that the car can be controlled flexibly, typically upside down, while still moving forward or backward. Do you dare to try it in real life?


  • If you want to collect all the gold, you must know the trick to get it. Below are the keys you need to be familiar with to control a motorbike:
  • Use left, right, up keys to play
  • Pressing the space makes the motorbike jump
  • To brake the car, use the R key

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