Doodle Baseball

Doodle Baseball
Doodle Baseball
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Doodle Baseball welcomes you to the most thrilling sports gameplay. This popular game will definitely make your free time more interesting with every shot. Get ready to soak up every dramatic moment and master your baseball abilities in the gaming world. You will meet extremely adorable characters with promising matches. Help these little players make divine shots and become real pros.

Unlock Marvelous Features

  • Appealing baseball gameplay combined with lovely graphics and catchy sounds.
  • The way to participate and the rules of the game are simple; any player can try.
  • The diversity of the pitcher's pitches will increase the difficulty of the game. You can track the color of the pitcher's cap to know the ball's trajectory.

Rules of This Game

Adorable characters will take turns blocking the ball. Your task is to choose the right time to click on the stick, block the ball, and try to hit the ball as far as possible.

Possible situations in Doodle Baseball are: single, double, additional run, home run, and strike. Depending on the number of characters standing on the field and the quality of the shot, you will receive the appropriate score. Players are allowed three misses, so make good use of these advantages.

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