Doodle Basketball

Doodle Basketball
Doodle Basketball
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Doodle Basketball invites you to participate in an intense training session with an athlete trying to improve his skills. Each throw is like a test of your peak alignment. This sports gameplay combining skills will make you unable to take your eyes off the screen. Prepare yourself to immerse yourself for hours with thrilling live scores and become the number one dunker.

Challenge in Limited Time

Doodle Basketball's strict rules become even more challenging with the countdown feature. In a fixed amount of time, you need to score as many points as possible. With no opponents, you will compete against your previous record. To break that record, players can only practice endlessly. Anyway, this game has no limit on participation. Feel free to enjoy yourself in your own way, try to conquer the peak, or simply entertain yourself in your free time.

How to Play

The balls will appear continuously, and players can use as many as they like. You click on the screen for the character to perform classy throws. Remember that you can throw one another, but only once you have found the angle and force of the reasonable strategy. Choose the correct time to hold and release the mouse for eye-catching scoring shots. Pay attention to the character's standing position to flexibly align the command key.

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