Heads Sports Basketball

Heads Sports Basketball
Heads Sports Basketball

Heads Sports Basketball has a fun sound and playful graphic design gives you a very lively feeling. You can customize many details, such as hair style and face, shirt style, shoe style, ball style, and court style. Also, change the weather, choose day or night, and match the time.

Rules of the game

Let’s use your character's head and your professional skills to put the ball into the basket. When the ball bounces, guess the direction to head it into the opponent's basket. The game allows your foot to kick the ball away to defend against the ball entering your basket. Have you thought about playing basketball with your head? If not, explore this game immediately to see its appeal.

FAQ for Heads Sports Basketball

Q: Are my characters diverse?

A: Very diverse. Before entering the game, you can choose the hair, shirt, and shoes you like. Besides, you can change the weather, match time, expressions, ball color, and football field. 

Q: Is the game easy to play?

A: The game operates with two keys. Use the up, down, left, right keys to move. If you want to kick the ball, press the Z key.

Q: Can you play any game similar to Heads Sports Basketball?

A: Football SupperStars 2024 very interesting, Basketball Fever, Basketball Stars.

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