Devil Dash

Devil Dash
Devil Dash
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Devil Dash allows you to transform into a little demon and overcome obstacles and hidden traps to reach the only exit. The traps are extremely complex. When you get close to obstacles, they will appear, making it impossible for you to deal with them. Devil Dash allows you to replay an infinite number of times, as long as you can pass the level. Train yourself in improvisation skills, perseverance, and quick adaptation because if you stumble, you will have to start over. The trick you can apply to this game is to remember the hidden traps and how the obstacles move to jump over them easily.

It's very possible that you will get lost in this adventure without even knowing it. That's why Devil Dash is so hot. Are you ready to confront your inner demons? Let's embark on the journey.


There are two ways for you to control the game: Use the A, W, and D keys or the arrow keys to move. Use space to jump.

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