March Madness 2024

March Madness 2024
March Madness 2024

Rules of the game

March Madness 2024 is like basketball training. There is an opponent blocking, and you have to make your throw from a distance. The dot creates a shadow that makes adjustments easier. Calculate so that the ball definitely goes into the basket. The throwing position changes continuously. Sometimes the opponent jumps up to block the ball's path. Be careful not to throw the ball at that time.

Internal modes in March Madness 2024

The game has two modes. 60 sec.shootout is a mode where you only have one opponent; in sixty seconds, score as many points as possible. The other mode is a full tournament. You can get into the top four and win it all. There will be people accompanying you in this mode. Win or lose is decided by both throws. The sound in the game includes the cheers of a large audience. It increases the attractiveness of the matches. An enthusiastic cheering team too. What are you waiting for? Come play now!

How to control the ball

Clicking on the ball shows a straight line. Adjust the throwing angle appropriately to put the ball into the basket.

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