Basketball Fever

Basketball Fever
Basketball Fever
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Basketball Fever is a simulation game about basketball that allows you to perform skillful shots and only requires you to do simple one-touch operations. It's very easy, even for first-time players. To be in the leading position, you must be very skillful so that when you shoot the basketball, you get the most points. Calculate before you throw the ball; it directly affects the outcome of the match. The game has cheers from the audience, making you more confident with your ball.

You will quickly get caught up in Basketball Fever because the gameplay is simple but it is difficult to earn perfect scores. Try the easy levels first; you'll get into the game very quickly. Remember, don't let the ball wander because it's easy to go in the wrong direction, leading to low results. It's so easy to just press the play button right away!

Tip and Tricks

When touching the ball you should consider the angles to throw into the basket.

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