Football Tournament

Football Tournament
Football Tournament

How to play

Players in a Football Tournament - you need to take decisive penalty kicks. There are no corners or complicated things to do. The goalkeeper moves continuously around the goal; you keep aiming when he is not in that position and kick the ball in. It's as easy as eating candy. If you shoot more goals into the goal, the goalkeeper will be more professional. He moves faster, jumping with high balls. Be careful.

There is no set time; as long as the ball doesn't go out and the goalkeeper doesn't catch the ball, you can play as long as you want. If you understand how the goalkeeper moves, kicking the ball into the goal is easy.

The sound is very realistic. Like a real-life match. The screams, the referee blowing the whistle, the audience getting excited when you take a good shot. That's why this game is so good. Try it out and see how many points you score. Does that score rank in the top 10?

Control ball

Swipe the ball in the direction you want.

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