Fanatical Basketball

Fanatical Basketball
Fanatical Basketball

Is Fanatical Basketball a fun game?

Fanatical Basketball is an addictive basketball game. In front of you is a machine that reports the number of points you scored. Just throw correctly into the basket, and the machine will give you points. The game does not show which path the ball takes. How you throw it is up to you. The number of balls you throw is more than one. Not having to align the throw perfectly is more comfortable. In addition, you can throw unlimited turns. When the timer runs out, it stops.

The only requirement of the game is to quickly throw the balls into the basket. This makes it possible for all ages in the family to play happily together. The machine also displays the highest score recorded from the previous play. Will there be heated races for scores? The more you throw, the more money you will get. In the store, there is a huge selection of different shadows. Are you confident that you are the "king" of scores? Let's start the game now!

How to play Fanatical Basketball

Click and drag it towards the basket.

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