Ultimate Boxing

Ultimate Boxing
Ultimate Boxing

When playing Ultimate Boxing, it's important that you memorize the moves and use them at the right time to defeat your opponent. You can choose one of two gameplay styles: IronFist or Dynameite. On the left side of the character, two bars are displayed, corresponding to the character's energy and health. The right side of the character shows the opponent's health bar to let you know when to defeat him. Remember the detailed instructions at the beginning of the game to win.

You must predict your opponent's skills to decide your attack; don't hesitate; he will knock you down. Being knocked out is something no one wants, right? Go into the game and practice your skills right away.

How to play

Press the button with a human image, and wherever you want to punch, touch it. If you want to hook up, pull from the bottom up; if you want to hook left or right, pull to the sides. When you attack, you need to pay attention to the energy bar; it must be high to be effective.

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