Drunken Boxing

Drunken Boxing
Drunken Boxing

Drunken Boxing is a fast-paced sports game that requires your top improvisational ability. Enter into uncompromising battles in the ring and try to become a genius champion. You will definitely have fun and entertaining times with this gameplay. Competing with the CPU or your friends, are you confident of winning all these head-to-head confrontations?

Start Your Round!

The gameplay of this game is extremely easy to understand: attack your opponent with punches. In a match, if you win five times first, you will become the champion. The character's punch will only be effective if it hits the opponent's critical points. Therefore, you should not be too hasty but adjust a reasonable distance so that your boxer can strike most accurately. Pay attention to monitoring the energy bar to adjust the rest time appropriately.

The gameplay is not difficult, but to maneuver your character with precise attacks, you will need time to practice. First of all, let's understand the operations involved in controlling these ragdoll boxers.

Control Your Boxer(s)

  • Single-player Mode: You will control the character on the right with the arrow keys, respectively, as follows: [↑] to move forward, [↓] to move back, [←] use the left hand, and [→] use the right hand.
  • Two-player Mode: Player 1 (left character) uses the WASD keys, and Player 2 (right character) uses the arrow keys.

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