Jab Jab Boxing

Jab Jab Boxing
Jab Jab Boxing
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Jab Jab Boxing is the ultimate combination of sports themes with fast typing gameplay. With special missions, you will experience boxing matches that cannot be found anywhere else. You will need to type, not divine attacks or fiery punches. That's right, the goal in this game is to knock out your opponents by using your ability to type quickly and accurately. There are no limits to the goal of winning. Try your best to break your own records and improve with every play!

Explore the Creative Game Rules

  • You will play as a boxing student and compete against potential opponents for the championship.
  • On the main screen of Jab Jab Boxing, text boxes will appear with any content related to boxing.
  • You need to enter those characters correctly for the character to perform top attacks.
  • With each wrong input, your boxer's power will decrease due to your opponent's punches.
  • The round will end when your character runs out of energy.

Type and Punch!

As soon as the text appears, players need to quickly use the keyboard to enter the answer. Note that you need to type both punctuation and spaces correctly. Players can take a look to grasp the meaning of the text because it will make them more proactive while entering the answer.

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