Tug of Heads

Tug of Heads
Tug of Heads

Tug of Heads allows you to choose single or double player mode with 50 levels of progressive upgrades. In Tug of Heads, you can choose two different modes and other levels are gradually upgraded. 

How to play

In a limited space, your stickman character needs to make the opponent's head touch the obstacle to win. You and your opponent hold hands, and your legs work continuously under your control to push them into obstacles. Note that if you are a little slow, the situation will be overturned. 

In the game, you will have to laugh at the poses that the character can create. You will get so caught up in it that you won't be able to stop and enjoy it.


  • Player 1: Use the W, A, and D keys. 
  • Player 2: Use the arrow keys up, left and right.

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