Boxing Superstars KO Champion

Boxing Superstars KO Champion
Boxing Superstars KO Champion

Boxing Superstars KO Champion is a boxing game that requires performing many skills. Punching, hooking, blocking, and combo skills. Win the first game to unlock more difficult levels. Just like in real boxing, you have to calculate when to fight and how to defend. 

The health bar is displayed at the top of the screen; when it runs out, you are defeated. At that time, use the spacebar to press until this bar appears on the screen, and then you can continue to fight. Boxing Superstars KO Champion and Stickman Boxing KO Champion have the same author. 

Tips and Trick

If you already understand the combos to quickly defeat your opponent, apply them now. Not lying down once will get the most stars. It's great that the stages have all three stars. It's not difficult if you try your best. 


Keys for you to control skills: A, D, W, K, and ";". 

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