Boxing Gang Stars

Boxing Gang Stars
Boxing Gang Stars
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Entering the world of Boxing Gang Stars, you will be transformed into brave boxers, ready to fight to win a resounding victory. The game offers a thrilling and dramatic boxing experience, promising to make you unable to take your eyes off the screen.

This game has simple but attractive gameplay that is easily accessible to all gamers. Your goal is to knock out your opponent with powerful punches within the allotted time. Use the movement, attack and defense keys to maneuver the character flexibly, dodge opponents' attacks and deliver fatal punches to defeat them.

The Stunning Game Modes

Boxing Gang Stars offers diverse game modes, meeting all gamers' needs. 1-player mode allows you to face off against the computer, helping you practice your skills and challenge yourself. 2-player mode allows you to compete directly with friends or other players on the same device, creating fiery and enjoyable matches.

Be a Boxer and Punch!

  • In single-player mode, you can use the arrow or WASD keys to control your character.
  • In two-player mode, Player 1 navigates the left boxer with the WASD keys, and Player 2 maneuvers the right character with the arrow keys.

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