Stickman Boxing KO Champion

Stickman Boxing KO Champion
Stickman Boxing KO Champion

Why is Stickman Boxing KO Champion different?

The rules of Stickman Boxing KO Champion are similar to those of other boxing games. Attacks such as straight punches, hooks in all directions, and hand blocks. While playing, your screen only shows your opponents and your skills. It seems a bit limited, but it's still a fun way to play.

Rules of the game?

There are a total of three turns; whoever wins more rounds wins that level. Use boxing moves to defeat your opponents. After winning, the Stickman Boxing KO Champion will calculate points for you based on your playing process. All levels have a three-star level. Getting high scores and performing many combos will give you the chance to get maximum stars. Be confident and win lots of stars. 


  • A, D buttons to move
  • W button to block attacks
  • K button to attack
  • After enough combos, press the key “;”.

Suggestions for fighting games

You should try games like: Jab Jab Boxing, Boxing Gang Stars, King of Sumo.

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