Foxy Golf Royale

Foxy Golf Royale
Foxy Golf Royale

Something intriguing about the game

Foxy Golf Royale is a combination of traditional golf and innovative gameplay. The gameplay scene is bizarre; you play as an anthropomorphic animal with a unique personality competing in a golf tournament with strong opponents. Tough goals are waiting for you ahead.

Hit the ball into the flagged holes. Adjust the ball's direction and strike force to get it exactly right. The difficulty and the number of holes that need to be played will gradually increase with each round. The game regulates turns in each round. You can play again in the event that you miss. if you have any more turns in that round. Afterwards, the goal requires you to calculate the ball with extreme dexterity. It's very difficult; you have to imagine the ball's path and not fully display it like in previous rounds.

The game designs clouds flying back and forth in the sky to create a lively feeling. Every time you hit a hole, a green face will appear. That's funny. If you want to feel it, quickly enter the game.

How to set up the proper ball line

Anywhere on the screen may be clicked to bring up a ball simulation. Hold it and tinker with it so the ball faces directly into the opening.

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